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Writing Courses

Writing Courses
Three inspiring creative writing courses are currently being offered by correspondence.
If you enjoy writing, are interested  in developing or furthering your writing skills, and/or want the  flexibility to learn at your own pace outside of long, sometimes arduous  and expensive traditional educational methods, then these courses are  for you! These special interest courses are being offered to anyone  interested in writing.

Rest assured, these courses  are of the same caliber of those offered through traditional colleges  and universities. In fact, most of the material has been taught to  adults in college and in workshops. Much careful research has gone into  each course. They do not require a lot of reading, since they are  primarily aimed to get you writing. They are designed as practical,  hands-
on, workshop-style courses.
If you have never before taken a course through correspondence, look at all the benefits awaiting you:

Discover your writing talents in the comfort of your own home

      • Enjoy the freedom of choosing when and IF you want your work evaluated
      • Write at your own pace & convenience without the pressure of deadlines
      • Pay much less than similar courses & save on transportation costs
      • Receive a beautifully designed course manual you can use for your own writing and keep for later reference
      • Receive professional one-on-one guided evaluations from an English teacher and published writer who cares that you succeed
      • Pricing flexibility – you choose the course that’s right for you at a price you can afford!

Format of Course Modules: Each  module offers an interesting introduction, important titled sections,  and concrete examples. This is followed by an assignment suggestion,  journal entry, writing exercise and writing prompt; all of which are  designed to help you benefit the most from the topic(s) included in each  module.

To go directly to the course outlines, click on the following:

Tip: Writing is a specialized craft that takes a little inspiration and a lot of skill. Every writer is unique, and therefore, should explore many different avenues of writing until finding the ones that work best and are the most enjoyable. These courses offer several.
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