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Pathways to Devotion IV

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Pathways to Devotion IV


Pathways to Devotion IV
Pathways to Devotion are a series of devotionals offering inspirational insights for every day situations. These easy-to-read daily devotional books offer encouragement, hope and practical answers to help us along life's way. After you read one of these inspiring devotionals, you will want to read them all. Each daily devotion offers an Application section for further Bible reading, a suggested prayer and further reflection.


Day 1 - Doing an Undo

And you, being dead in your sins and the uncircumcision of your flesh, hath he quickened together with him, having forgiven you all trespasses; Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross; Colossians 2:13-14

As a writer and artist, I use my computer almost on a daily basis to get my work done. Often when I am working with my photos or creating a new artistic design, I experiment with different effects in my graphics programs to find the best layout or I start from scratch and draw a new picture. One of the functions I use all the time is the “undo” command. This means that if I make a mistake while painting or drawing, or if I don’t like a particular effect, I can simply press the “undo” button and it takes me back a step. In fact, I can keep pressing it until I go back to the original picture. I am so thankful for this function and am sure it was inspired by God to the programmers who designed it. It has saved me many a headache.

Sometimes when I am sewing, I make a mistake. This is especially true when I am sewing on a border to go around a quilt. A straight line is anything but straight since the material moves from the weight of the quilt and I have to tear it out and start all over again (sometimes several times until it is straight). Since I am so used to using the “undo” button on the computer, I often look for it on the sewing machine as well. Then I laugh at myself, realizing that not everything has an “undo” button. Besides, once something is sewn, it still has to be taken apart since there’s no machine I know of that will erase the mistake that was made.

I believe that when God thought about creating the earth and creating man and woman, He had a perfect design in mind. And when everything was created, it was perfect. After each thing God created, He said to the effect, “It is good.” We might not illuminated. There are billions more unseen to the human eye. Think of an evening when you stood outside and watched the Northern Lights dancing magically and mysteriously across the sky. Think of the heights of majestic mountains so high they are lost in the mist of the clouds.

To give you a better idea of how awesome God is, I’d like to share about something we read in a book that talked about the holiness of God. The author shared that in the Book of Revelation (see Rev. 4:8), it says that there are four living creatures who worship at the throne of God night and day without any rest. We wonder how they can do this, but they have a front row seat in God’s marvellous presence and every time God reveals something more about Himself, they bow and worship. It is so awesome, they cry out, “Holy, Holy, Holy.” In response to this, the Bible says that 24 elders fall down before God, worship Him and throw their crowns before God’s throne. God is a holy God, so much so, that we can only wonder how or why He loves us so much. In light of this, to use the word “awesome” so loosely and as part of our every day language seems more like slang and an inappropriate use of a word that only belongs to God. May we use it respectfully and often in reference to our awesome and incredible God.
Revelation 4
Seek God for a glimpse and a revelation of His holiness. Ask Him to help guide you in a meditation of Scripture about His awesomeness.
In what ways has God revealed His holiness to you? Write about it. Then spend some quiet time meditating on Scriptures that talk about the awesomeness of God. Use a Bible concordance if you have one or borrow one from a friend.


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