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About Us

About Us
Creative Focus Publishing is the following:
    • We publish inspirational and literature books such as books by author Linda McBurney-Gunhouse.
    • We provide course in creative writing for both the budding author and the experienced author.
    • We provide web page design and development services.
About the Authors
Linda McBurney-Gunhouse
Ms. McBurney-Gunhouse writes to help others and inspire them to overcome difficulties and achieve success in life. She is an accomplished ebook author of several inspirational books, including two full-length fiction. She loves to share her faith and how she has overcome the many challenges in life in a way that readers can relate to. Occasionally she teaches Creative Writing and does special speaking. She continues to expand her thought-provoking blogs and book-writing. When she is not writing, she loves to explore her artistic interests.
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