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Pathways to Devotion II

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Pathways to Devotion II


Pathways to Devotion II
Pathways to Devotion are a series of devotionals offering inspirational insights for every day situations. These easy-to-read daily devotional books offer encouragement, hope and practical answers to help us along life's way. After you read one of these inspiring devotionals, you will want to read them all. Each daily devotion offers an Application section for further Bible reading, a suggested prayer and further reflection.


Day 1 - Making Plans for Tomorrow

Boast not thyself of tomorrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth. Proverbs 27:1

Have you ever thought about or talked about some things you would like to do in the future? Maybe you’d like to travel or move to a bigger and better house. Perhaps you’d like to change careers. Maybe your dreams and goals have been so grandiose, all they amount to are far-off “maybes” or are products of wishful thinking. I must confess I have done this many many times. It wasn’t until recently that the Lord showed me that these wishful desires are actually evil.

Evil? This may seem like a strong word because it seems innocent and harmless to want things, or want things out of reach, but according to scripture, it is evil to plan for a future we are not yet given. I looked up the word “tomorrow” in my Bible word search program. It appeared one time in the King James version. I looked up the word “today” and it appeared 63 times. Clearly, the Lord wants us to live in the present. This is not to say that He doesn’t want us to look forward to a bright and cheerful future, for his Word promises us good things for the rest of our lives (see Psalm 23:6). But, it is to say that to talk about tomorrow and wish things were different is in itself, unwise.

I had my own fallout, and never fully recovered from the terror of a car accident that nearly took my life (the other car was at fault). I narrowly escaped from trouble many times when me and my girlfriend hitch-hiked half way across Canada (4000 miles in total). I ended up with a nervous breakdown from this and many other frightening events that happened to me from taking bad drugs. I would have nightmares even after I quit taking the drugs. The summer before going to Bible School, I went home to my parent’s. I couldn’t work because of the breakdown, and I had no future and no idea what I’d do with the rest of my life. My parents, who were strong Christians, and very concerned about me, suggested I go to Bible School for a year. I didn’t know it at the time, but it was really one of the best decisions I ever made, even though I was reluctant to go. Still, even though my life was such a mess at that point, I was determined to resist any change that going to Bible School might bring about. I was not going to become a Bible thumping, straight-laced Christian. I didn’t want to abandon my lifestyle, and I still wanted my freedom to do as I pleased.

The opening verse (Prov. 27:1) suggests that to plan for our tomorrows is boastful, taking for granted a future that is not guaranteed. Anything can happen and we must trust God because He is the only one who holds our future. If we live just this one day that the Lord has given us, we can learn to enjoy every moment as is, without borrowing time (and trouble) before it has arrived.

There is also an aspect of relationship to consider. I interpret James 4:13-16 (see below) to mean that if we go ahead and make plans, it is likely we have not even given a single thought to what the Lord’s will is. We haven’t bothered to consult the Lord, but assume that our own plans will prevail regardless of what the Lord may want for us instead. How can He give us His best if we insist on doing things in our own way in our own time? I encourage you today — enjoy the moment for God is in it and He wants to be involved in all the details of your life because He cares for you. He’ll reveal His plans for you as you learn to wait on Him.
James 4:13-16
Pray for God to help you discern His will and learn to live in the present; to trust in Him to reveal the future.
What are your present plans? Have you consulted God? If not, make a list of what you plan to do and discuss it all in detail with the Lord.


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