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Write Your Life Story

Write Your Life Story
This comprehensive course will greatly benefit you in uncovering stories from your life.  You will learn to use memory and other research methods to recall your past, organize your thoughts and learn to write individual life stories.
Module 1
Introduction  & Uncovering the Unusual

You will begin to uncover and write about some unusual  things you’ve done.  We’ll discuss theme and other important story  elements.
Module 2
Exploring Places

You will re-visit some important places that will trigger many important memories of your past.  Included is a section on finding deeper meaning in your stories.
Module 3
Exploring Time Using Timelines

You will learn a variety of timelines you can do as a way of organizing portions of your life story.
Module 4
Personal Archeology

You will search your personal files for photos & favorite heirlooms and discover the importance of using and including these in your life story.  You will also learn about other research and interviewing ideas.
Module 5
Finishing Touches

In this final module, you will learn more about theme and also how to use proverbs.  I provide you with some important tips on how to evaluate your own story. There is also a note about publishing your life story.
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