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Wings: Inspirational Poetry Series

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Wings: Inspirational Poetry Series


Wings: Inspirational Poetry Series
In this delightful collection of inspirational poems, you will find 60  poems that have been thoughtfully written over time through the author’s  times of joy, hardship, contentment, contemplation and more.  The poems  reflect a firm and strong faith in the One that holds all of life  together especially during times of trial and uncertainty.  The poems  reflect that at the heart of every difficult challenge in life there is  something redeeming and positive to be found.  The poems are sure to  lift you up no matter what your circumstances, so that you too, can rise  up with wings like eagles.


Currently this book is sold as an e-book only and there is currently no printed version.  Although this book is sold in multiple different countries, it is currently in English only.
This book is available at the following sites:
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