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Fiction Writing

Fiction Writing
More than just a course  giving you the basic elements of fiction story writing, this one helps  you tackle challenging areas like plot, conflict, dialogue and more.   Learn what makes stories interesting, compelling and marketable.
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Module 1
Getting Ideas

Discover ways to mine resources and learn different approaches to begin writing stories.  Also offered, are interesting story ideas from templates provided.
Module 2
The Success of Stories

What makes a great story?  What makes it interesting, readable and marketable?  This module will show you what it takes to write compelling fiction.
Module 3
Designing Plot

At the heart of every good story is a well-constructed plot.  An absolute must for fiction writing, learn effective ways to make your plot move your story.
Module 4
Character, Dialogue & Point of View

Learn how character development and plot work together to make your stories a success.  Build reader interest with captivating dialogue, and stretch your story capabilities by experimenting with different points of view.
Module 5
Scene & Summary

Learn skills inscene building and find out the important differences between writing scene and summary.  We’ll also cover revision guidelines and explore publishing options.
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